A banner of tapa cloth pattern

Sapai and the Yam Snatchers

By Michelanne Forster and  Leilani Unasa 

Chief Tuisamata’s worst nightmare comes true when the entire yam crop is stolen and his village faces starvation. His grandson, Le Le’a Sapai, is determined to confront the thieves and bring the yams home. 

A daring rescue mission takes Sapai, his friend Luga and Nofa the dog deep beneath the realm of the sea spirits and into the Underworld. There they must overcome a wall of fire, ghastly lizards and demons, terrifying gangs of Alele and the King of the Dead.

If Sapai, Luga and Nofo are to save the yams and escape from the Land of the Dead, they will need courage, smarts and help from an unexpected source - Sapai’s great-grandmother, Sina.

This high-energy, entertaining play pulsates with Pacific beats, dynamic dance and laugh-out-loud humour.

A banner of tapa cloth pattern


1 hour (approx)


Roles for 80 to 210 children

Age Range

Script and costumes best suited to ages 5-13


Shaqaila Uelese


Bronwen Pattison and Jenny Wake 


Josephine Hughes, Khay Ooi and Jenny Wake

Calico’s standard resource package for Sapai and the Yam Snatchers includes the script, costumes, scenery, props and pre-recorded music.

$2,500 (incl. GST)

Performing rights are available through Playmarket

Cast of Sapai and the Yam Snatchers performing a sasa dance
Scenery for a scene featuring a waterfall
King of the Dead wearing a crown of bones and carrying a skull
Sapai and Luga surrounded by fire dancers
Three sea spirits dancing
Sapai and Lugo deciding what to do
King of the Dead looking menacing
Great grandmother Sina gives a warning
Sapai and his friends teasing each other

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